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Student Design Projects Description

Senior design projects are required in each department.

Aerospace Engr.: Two-semester capstone design course with team projects involving design and analysis of various types of manned and unmanned aerospace vehicles. Teams design vehicles to meet given requirements. The best design is determined through a competitive process. Designs are documented in written reports and oral design presentations are required. Examples of vehicles designed include business jets, large cargo aircraft, fighter aircraft, high altitude unmanned aerial systems and various transport aircraft. Students are also afforded the opportunity to participate in national/international design competitions.

Biosystems Engineering: One-semester course where students build on principles learned in other biosystems engineering courses and work in teams to complete a comprehensive industry-sponsored design project. Special emphasis is given to environmental, social, economic, and safety issues along with effective written and oral design communication.

Chemical Engr.: Two-semester course sequence in which teams complete capstone design projects including written and oral presentations on accumulated curricular experiences involving the design and economic evaluation of processes for production of various chemical products.

Civil Engr.: ASCE student chapter competes each year in twelve events against 25 schools from the southeast. One popular event includes the design, construction and racing of a concrete canoe, and another includes the design, construction and load testing of a steel bridge. Civil engineering students are required to take a senior design project course. They choose from construction engineering and management, environmental engineering, transportation engineering, or structural engineering. Each course requires the completion of a real-world engineering design project.

Software and Wireless (software) Engr. seniors: One-semester course in which teams complete design project, including written document and oral presentation for following: Proposal, requirements specification, architectural design, detailed design. The team must produce working prototype.

Electrical, Computer and Wireless Engineering.: A one-semester capstone design project which draws on the accumulated curricular experience.

Industrial and Systems Engr.: One-semester capstone course in which undergraduate course work principles are brought to bear upon a team design problem in cooperating industries or organizations including manufacturing, governmental, health care and logistics.

Materials Engr.: Seniors are required to complete a one-semester capstone design course addressing an industrial problem associated with materials. Students first identify the cause of the problem, followed by the design of an appropriate solution using their integrated knowledge of materials engineering.

Mechanical Engr.: Two-semester capstone design course with project sponsored by industry or government agency in which students design a mechanical device or system, and then manufacture and optimize it.

Polymer and Fiber Engr.: Design of fiber-reinforced composites and prototype manufacturing; new polymeric materials and structures; bio-engineered textile structures; protective materials.