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Milwaukee School of Engineering - 2016

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Student Design Projects Description

Architectural Engineering design projects involve a client, faculty team and professional mentors. They simulate an actual design/building project. The project teams are comprised of students from the architectural engineering (with design specialties in building structural, building environmental and building electrical) and construction management programs. Projects from 2012-2013 included an Italian community center, locomotive museum, and a mixed use high-rise.

Design Projects under the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department include design projects for biomedical, computer, electrical and software engineering programs such as: A Tactical Robot for a Hostile Environment, Broadband ECG Monitor, Automated Foosball Table, GPS Car, and MEMS Based Motion Evaluation System. The biomedical engineering program includes a two-year design sequence. The computer, electrical and software engineering design programs are one year projects..
Mechanical engineering offers a one-year design experience. Capstone projects include projects in the areas of energy, mechanics, electrohydralics, and manufacturing. Industrial engineering offers a two-term design experience in the areas of manufacturing, operations research, and ergonomics.