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Missouri University of Science and Technology - 2016

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Engineering College Description and Special Characteristics

The Missouri University of Science and Technology offers degrees in 19 areas of engineering. Missouri S&T has 16 undergraduate engineering degree programs. The master of science degrees in Materials Science, Systems, and Manufacturing Engineering add 3 programs to the undergraduate offering for a total of 19. The master of engineering degree program is available in Manufacturing and Mining engineering. The doctor of philosophy degrees are offered in 17 areas. The doctor of engineering degrees are offered in Chemical, Civil, Electrical, Geological, Petroleum, Mechanical, Mining, and Nuclear Engineering.

In addition to numerous multidisciplinary research centers, Missouri S&T offers a unique multidisciplinary center focused on undergraduate design. USDCC (University Student Design Competition Center) was established to promote excellence in multidisciplinary student design projects. Combining talents from all across Missouri S&T's rich curricula, students work together in order to compete on an international level against other top engineering schools. Beyond engineering, students learn management and leadership skills that will distinguish them upon graduation. Focusing on a specific multidisciplinary design gives the student a meaningful example of how to apply design principles. The experience of working on a student design team will prove intellectually stimulating, teach self-motivation, forge a sense of team pride, reveal the principles and worth of team-based leadership and instill in each participant the makings of a professional identity. The eight (8) design teams within the USDCC include: Advanced Aero Vehicle Group, Concrete Canoe Team, Formula SAE Racing Team, Human Powered Vehicle Team, Robotics Competition Team, Solar Car Team, Solar House Team, and Steel Bridge Team.

Through design teams, research projects, internships, and CO-OP programs, Missouri S&T students have many opportunities to receive valuable experience in their chosen career fields.