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University of Portland - 2016

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Engineering Information

Areas of Expertise

Engineering Departments Areas of Expertise
Biomedical Engineering
  1. Bioacoustics
  2. Instrumentation
  3. Cardiovascular Biomechanics
  4. Medical Regulatory Affairs
  5. New Therapy
Civil Engineering
  1. Structures, Geotechnical Design
  2. Transportation System Design/Planning
  3. Hydraulic and Environmental System Design
  4. Water and Wastewater Treatment
Computer Science
  1. Software Design and Development
  2. Algorithms and Computer Science Theory
  3. Programming Languages and Compilers
  4. Cybersecurity
  5. Artificial Intelligence and Robotics
Electrical Engineering
  1. Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS), VLSI design
  2. Circuit and Electronic Systems Design
  3. Communication Systems Analysis & Design
  4. Control and Power Systems Design
  5. Computer Hardware Design
Mechanical Engineering
  1. Robotics, CAM, and Automation/Control
  2. Solid Mechanics and Machine Design
  3. Fluid Mechanics, Hydraulics, & Turbomachinery
  4. Thermodynamics, Heat Transfer, HVAC
  5. Materials and Manufacturing Processes