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South Dakota School of Mines and Technology - 2016

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Student Design Projects Description

Chemical Engineering Design Projects: Alternative energy-design for orphan complex in Chile, retrofitting of ethanol plant to manufacture butonol, design of a system for oxidation of ethanol to generate hydrogen for fuel cells, , Environmental Engineering design contest (ChE student part of multidisciplinary team), ChE Car competition project.
Civil Engineering design projects: concrete canoe and steel bridge (ASCE regional/national student competition).
Environmental Engineering design projects: desalination and pretreatment of brackish water (WERC national design contest).
Electrical and Computer Engineering Design Projects: wireless door opener station, sprint training device, wireless weather station, generic IP controller package, retofit design for residence, wheelchair collision avoidance system, SAE zero-emission snowmobile, event reminder, applique antennas for SWCS, automated power factor correction (APFC) device, greenhouse growing lights, digital watt meter, stealth infiltration, robotic mirror navigation, digital video for robotics, bed-methane pump communication system, EVOC light system.
Mechanical Engineering Design Projects: ASME human power vehicle 2009, baja SAE 2009, formula SAE 2009, SAE aero design 2009, SAE zero emissions snowmobile 2009, UAV 2009, SAE supermileage 2009, rock retriever ASME student design contest, lower extremity protective armor for U.S. ground troops, wall leveling bracket, small-scale wind turbine generator, internal bore laser cladding head, automating window assembly processes in factory.
Geological Engineering Design Projects:
remediation of a nitrogen-contaminated site, expansion of the Madison Aquifer's water supply for Rapid City, SD, removal of arsenic from a municipal water supply, remediation of gasoline contaminated site,
surface water and ground water drainage at a superfund site, environmental hazards and ground water protection for proposed petroleum pipeline in eastern SD.
Metallurgical Engineering design projects: Samurai sword design project.
Computer Science Student Design Projects: Online photo brokerage service, light-aviation weather analysis station, development of the Armbot instructional robot for CSC 150, and ARM processor simulator.
Industrial Engineering design projects: GCC Dacotah illumination and noise study, Cleghorn Springs fish hatchery database, Rapid City airport operations, Black Hills Workshop van rack.
Mining Engineering and Management student design projects: mine feasibility design starting from drill hole all the way to financial.