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South Dakota School of Mines and Technology - 2016

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Dual Degrees

Undergraduate Engineering Dual Degree Program Description

Students wishing to complete two undergraduate majors that are offered under different program structures, must complete both curricula corresponding to the declared major, resulting in the completion of two baccalaureate degrees. For two degrees to be awarded during the same graduation, all requirements for both degrees must be met.
a) System General Eduction Requirements are met once.
b) Institutional Graduation Requirements are met once.
c) Specific requirements of each degree program must be met.
d) Two degrees and two diplomas are issued.
e) Courses may meet the requirements of both degrees provided the overall univerisyt requirements are met and system requirements are met.
For the timeframe July 1, 2015 through June 30, 2016, SDSM&T had four students complete two engineering BS degrees. Two completed an engineering BS coupled with a BS in one of the science disciplines.

Undergraduate Engineering Dual Degrees Awarded