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William Marsh Rice University - 2016

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Dual Degrees

Graduate Engineering Dual Degree Program Description

Rice's coordinated M.B.A./Master of Engineering degree program equips students with the managerial skills and technical expertise needed to succeed as managers in technology-based organizations. The program offers some time and cost savings over completing the two degrees independently, since students who pursue the degrees simultaneously can finish in just two academic years. Rice offers the M.B.A. degree in conjuction with any of the School of Engineering's professional, nonthesis master's degrees. For the coordinated M.B.A./Master of Engineering degrees, students must complete at least two academic years in residence at Rice and 63 semester hours in approved course work: 24 in an engineering discipline and 39 in business administration. Students plan their course schedules in consultation with the engineering department in which they are enrolled and with the M.B.A. program director.