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William Marsh Rice University - 2016

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General Admissions

Entrance Requirements and Recommendations


Prospective freshmen planning to enter the engineering school must complete at least 16 college preparatory units including: 4 units of English, 3 units of math including trigonometry (precalculus) or other advanced math courses, 2 units of laboratory science (chemistry and physics), 2 units of social studies, 2 units of a foreign language, and 3 additional units in any of these areas. Students may substitute a second year of chemistry or biology for physics.

The SAT or ACT is required, as well as two SAT subject tests in fields related to their proposed area of study. Engineering applicants are encouraged to take subject tests in math and either chemistry or physics. Candidates must submit evaluations from a counselor and one teacher (forms are included in the application).

Although a personal interview is not a requirement, it is recommended as an excellent opportunity to discuss the applicant's interests, needs, and questions. On-campus interviews are conducted by the admission staff and a select group of Rice senior students. Off-campus interviews are conducted throughout the United States and abroad by Rice alumni.

Undergraduate application deadlines are November 1 for Early Decision and January 1 for Regular Decision. The application fee is $75, which may be waived in cases of hardship.

Graduate study is open to a limited number of extremely well-qualified students with a substantial background in their proposed field of study (this usually, though not always, means an undergraduate major in the field). Each department determines whether applicants have enough preparation to enter a given program, emphasizing the quality of their preparation rather than the particular academic program they completed or the credits they earned. Applicants for admission to graduate study should contact the appropriate department for application forms and relevant information about the program or visit the department's website for on-line application information.

Graduate application deadlines vary by department. Most department deadlines occur in December or January before the Fall application term. Please visit department websites for specific deadlines. The application fee for graduate admission is $85.


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