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Student Design Projects Description

All engineering students are required to complete a three-term senior capstone design sequence. This sequence is designed to allow students to work in small groups under the supervision of a faculty member. The first term of the series is a zero credit seminar series, designed to introduce students to senior design and allow stdents to interact, select a team, and select a project. During the second term of this sequence, the students are required to exhibit their ability to conduct appropriate analysis and devise a system, component, or process under a variety of realistic constraints. During the third term, students build and test their engineering systems. The student teams are required to integrate their engineering science knowledge, with appropriate design methodology, decision analysis, and project management. Multi-disciplinary projects and teams are strongly encouraged. Projects include safety, economic, environmental, and ethical considerations and require written and oral reports. Examples of senior design projects which have been completed include a battery-operated, reliable, water-resistant swimmer lap counter/timer, a soil resistivity meter which will allow real-time data transfer and processing at an archeological site, a Digital Signal Processing based speech frequency lab experiment, a device that will measure the force/pressure exerted by the foot while walking, and an experimental apparatus to analyze the stability and heat transfer characteristics of condensate liquid film in reduced gravity.