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University of Pennsylvania - 2016

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Engineering Information

Research Centers

  • INCOLL - Research center WITHIN the college of engineering
  • INDEPT - Research center WITHIN an engineering department
  • INUNIV - Research center WITHIN university system
  • OUTUNIV - Research center OUTSIDE the university
Center/Lab Discipline Research Class Head Chair
Center for Analyzing Evolved Structures as Optimized Products Metallurgical and Matrls. Engineering INUNIV Shu Yang
Center for Targeted Therapeutic and Translational Nanomedicine Biological Engr. and Agricultural Engr. INUNIV Andrew Tsourkas
Digital Visualization Center Computer Science (inside engineering) INCOLL Norman Badler
Distributed Systems Laboratory Computer Science (inside engineering) INCOLL Matt Blaze
General Robotics, Automation, Sensing, and Perception Laboratory Other Engineering Disciplines INCOLL Dan Lee
Institute for Biomedical Informatics Biomedical Engineering INUNIV Jason Moore
Institute for Medicine and Engineering Biomedical Engineering INUNIV Peter Davies
Laboratory for Research on the Structure of Matter Metallurgical and Matrls. Engineering INUNIV Arjun Yodh
Linguistics Data Consortium Computer Science (inside engineering) INUNIV Mark Liberman
Penn Center for Energy Innovation Engineering (General) INUNIV Cherie Kagan
Penn Engineering Research and Collaboration Hub Other Engineering Disciplines INCOLL Dan Koditschek
Penn Institute for Computational Science Computer Science (inside engineering) INUNIV David Srolovitz
Penn Research in Embedded Computing and Integrated Systems Engineering (PRECISE) Other Engineering Disciplines INUNIV Insup Lee
Singh Center for Nanotechnology Other Engineering Disciplines INCOLL Mark Allen
Warren Center for Network and Data Sources Other Engineering Disciplines INUNIV Michael Kearns