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University of Maine - 2016

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Various chem. plant design projects. Concrete Canoe, Steel Bridge, Downtown Bangor, ME waterfront redevelopment; pedestrian bridge, wheel chair ramps.
Inverted Pendulum, Targeting Platform, FM Demodulation, MP3 Player with RF Playback, RF Identification, Zebrafish Fluid Measurement Device Electric Oven Control System, Infrared Sound Transmission, Laser File Transfer, Wire Tap, Variable Frequency Single Phase Converter, Light Controlled Musical Instrument, Chess Piece Sensor, Frequency Controlled DJ Lights, Single Phase Power Supply, Wireless Data Link, HCL Detector, Security System, Image Display Software, Weather Station, MatLab Software. Design and Testing of snowmobile components, A Damage Detection System for the NASA X-38 Composite Aeroshell Panels, Exploration of the Design, Analysis and Fabrication of 45 degree Lateral Fittings, Design of Measurement System for Exercise Bicycle, Smart Material Sensing System for Bicycles, Reverse Engineering of an Innerspring Mattress, Passive Acoustic Transmission Loss Control, Mobil Offshore Base Thrusters and Base Connectors, Design of a Shock Testing System. Spat. Info. sys. des. projects such as prototype sys. for UMaine AM/FM Proj., Town of Harrington Shellfish Mgmt. Proj., Railroad Abandonment Mapping, Paper Sail Board. Thermal Shock of Ceramic Thin Films, Flouresence in Microcapillary Tubes, Viscosities of Solutions of TET, DEC, and CHB, Conversion of Milling Machine to CNC Controlled, Turbocharger for a Jet Engine.