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University of Maine - 2016

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Engineering Information

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Engineering College Description and Special Characteristics

The College offers a wide range of four year undergraduate programs in Engineering (Bioengineering, Chemical, Civil and Environmental, Computer, Electrical, Engineering Physics, and Mechanical). Students can select a department on entry or may remain as "undeclared" for up to two years. There are many courses common to all majors in the first year to allow easy transfer between programs. Most programs have a co-op option. All undergraduate engineering courses and laboratories are taught by faculty members.All programs have a design project. All students are encouraged to take the Fundamentals of Engineering Exam. There are opportunities for work with faculty throughout the student's stay.

The college also offers minors in: Biomedical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Construction Management Technology, Electrical Engineering, Electrical Engineering Technology, Engineering Entrepreneurial, Engineering Leadership and Management, Environmental Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Military Science and Leadership, Naval Science, Power, Process Engineering, Renewable Energy Engineering, Robotics, Survey Engineering Technology.