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Engineering Technology Information

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Engineering Technology College Description and Special Characteristics

The Northern Illinois University Department of Technology was developed nearly 100 years ago to provide students with a broad vocational background. Over the years, the Departmental mission and direction have evolved. Today, the Departmental mission crosses several key boundaries.

The first and foremost departmental mission is providing a quality hands-on and theoretical technical education to our students, at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. The Department prepares our students so they can not only obtain employment after graduation, but they can excel in industry from day one. The Department offers undergraduate education in Industrial Management and Technology, Manufacturing Engineering Technology, Electrical Engineering Technology, and Energy and Environmental Technology. In addition, the department offers an industrially based graduate program in Industrial Management.

The Departmental faculty is involved in continual programmatic assessment and improvement which allows us to educate the next generation of Industrial Technologists and Engineering Technologists who excel in the work environment. Within the Departmental undergraduate programs, we offer a very broad range of courses which provide both a sound introduction and in-depth analysis in given topics. Each program places emphasis upon theoretical/application instruction and laboratory instruction, skills that are demanded by industry. The Department of Technology prides itself on industrial interaction. Many of the Departmental senior projects are conducted with industrial involvement. In addition, students and faculty are involved with projects sponsored through industry and government. As is the case in the technology disciplines, our relationship with industry and developing industry ready graduates are the utmost concerns behind our curriculum development. The theoretical and applications (laboratory) components are state of the art based upon industry input at all levels of development.

The Department of Technology also offers the Master of Science in Industrial Management (MSIM) program which is open to the graduates of engineering, technology, and related technical fields.