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General Admissions

Entrance Requirements and Recommendations


Freshman Admission
Regular Admission from High School
Admission to UMKC is designed to reflect a student's probable success at the University. Since fall 1997, UMKC has admitted students according to the Missouri Coordinating Board for Higher Education's (CBHE) category of "selective institution." Selective institutions admit first-time, full-time degree-seeking students and transfer students who have completed 24 or fewer credit hours, who attain a combined percentile score, resulting from the addition of their high school percentile rank and the percentile rank attained on a national normalized test, i.e. ACT or SAT, which equals or exceeds 120 points. Students achieving a score of 24 or better on the ACT College Entrance Examination, or its equivalent on the SAT, are automatically admitted to selective institutions.
The required ACT/class rank combinations are as follows:

ACT Composite SAT V & M
HSCRP Standard Score Standard Score

94 and above 17 800-830
86-93 18 840-880
78-85 19 890-920
69-77 20 930-960
62-68 21 970-1000
54-61 22 1010-1040
48-53 23 1050-1090
47 and below 24 1100 or higher

Admitted students are expected to have followed a college-preparatory curriculum that includes at least 17 units of credit (with each unit equaling one year in class), as follows:
Four units of English, one of which may be in speech or debate (Two units emphasizing composition or writing skills are required.)
Four units of mathematics (Algebra I or higher.) This requirement may be satisfied by the completion of courses in middle school, junior high, or senior high.
Three units of science (not including General Science.) The three units of science must include a laboratory course and must include units from at least two of the following areas: physical science, biology, physics, chemistry and earth sciences. This requirement may be satisfied by the completion of courses in middle school, junior high, or senior high.
Three units of social studies.
One unit of fine arts, to be taken in visual arts, music (e.g., band, orchestra, music appreciation, music theory), dance, or theater.
Two units of a single foreign language. This requirement may be satisfied by completion of courses in middle school, junior high or senior high.
The University seeks a heterogeneous body reflecting diversity of race, ethnicity, age, geography (national and international) and physical ability. Factors given prime consideration for admission to undergraduate study are an applicant's previous academic success and the quality of the record submitted. Applicants who do not meet the criteria set forth above may be considered by applying to the director of admissions. Additional factors include:
Extensive extracurricular activity involving school, church or community.
Outstanding talent and/or ability
Number and scope of college preparatory courses.
Evidence of marked improvement over time in the applicant's high school academic record.
Significant work experience and/or family responsibilities.
Supporting evidence in the form of an essay attesting to one or more of the above, written by the student.

Graduate Academic Regulations
The minimum academic regulations and degree requirements for graduate study at UMKC, as outlined in the subsections that follow, have been determined by the UMKC graduate faculty through representation on the Graduate Council and the Committee of Graduate Officers, and apply to all graduate programs. Individual schools and departments may adopt additional and more stringent requirements for admission, retention and degrees that take priority over these minimum regulations. These additional requirements are detailed under the various fields of study in this catalog. Please visit


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