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Student Design Projects Description

All engineering students complete a two-semester capstone design experience during their senior year. Student teams complete various design phases, giving oral presentations and submitting written technical reports. Students present their final project results at a college-wide design conference.

Examples of Biomedical Engineering projects include developing design projects aimed at current biomedical engineering problems including telemedicine, accessibility devices, orthopedic implants, tissue engineering, and biomedical sensors, in addition to design fundamentals.

Examples of Aerospace Engineering projects include designing a nanosatellite, a air-to-surface cruise missle, a jet-powered military trainer aircraft, a CUBESAT, a supersonic private jet, a UAV, and a lunar transport spacecraft.

Examples of Mechanical Engineering projects include designing an autonomous underwater vehicle, an autonomous materials sorter for recycling industry, a self sustaining water harvesting system, an anaerobic batch fed bioreactor, a solar powered water purification system, and an optimized vertical axis wind turbine.

Examples of Electrical and Computer Engineering senior projects include designing an autonomous tour guide robot, a remote controlled underwater robot, a robot to navigate through a field to pick up items from designated areas for sorting and delivering to a pre-determined storage station, and a remote human health monitoring system.

Examples of Civil Engineering design projects include the preliminary design of a college laboratory building; structural bridge analysis and design competition; design and construction of steel bridge for ASCE contest; water filter design competition; and water system analysis and design.

Electrical and Computer Engineering design projects are multidisciplinary in nature where students work with Aerospace, Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering students. Typical projects include: Evaluation of Off-The-Shelf hardware for Musculoskeletal Ergonomic Assessment, Foreign Body Detection, Medical Alert System Technology for Emergency Response Services (MASTERS), Parkinson's Fine Motor Skills Assistance Device, Automated Heart Murmur Detection Device, Foot Pressure Monitor Project, Design of a Microdosimeter for Quantification of Instantaneous and Cumulative Radiation Dose, Noise-Canceling Hearing Design of Underwater Ball for Exercise and Recreation Device.