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University of Alabama at Birmingham - 2016

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Research Description

Research Description By Graduate Engineering Department

Biomedical Engineering

The Biomedical Engineering Department has organized its research and training programs into three primary research areas: biomedical implants, functional imaging, and electrophysiology.

Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering

The Department of Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering offers a broad-based program in civil engineering, with specialization programs in environmental engineering, strucutural engineering/strucutural mechanics, and transportation engineering. Supporting courses are offered in geotechnical engineering, optimization, and other areas.

Electrical and Computer Engineering

The Electrical and Computer Engineering Department offers research opportunities in analog and digital integrated circuits and systems design, big data analytics, biomedical integrated systems design and instrumentation brain machine interface computer networking, control systems design, cyber physical systems design, electric power systems, embedded systems design, engineering education, hardware based cybersecurity, image and signal processing, mobile and cloud computing, sensor design, software systems engineering, and wireless communication.

Materials Science and Engineering

Research in materials science is concentrated in the areas of structure and properties of materials; macromolecular materials; electrical, optical, and magnetic materials; materials processing; biomaterials; and mechanical behavior of materials. Current research ranges from biocompatibility studies with biomaterials, to microgravity solidification of proteins and metals, to analysis of microelectronic materials, and to thin film analysis using TEM.

Mechanical Engineering

The mechanical engineering program emphasizes fluid/thermal systems (concentrations in combustion or computational fluid dynamics) and mechanical systems (concentrations in manufacturing or mechanical design). Ongoing research efforts include microgravity combustion, computational fluid dynamics, fluid mechanics, computational and experimental heat transfer, manufacutring and mechanical design.

Research Description By Engineering Research Center

Center for Integrated Systems

The Center provides technical support, research experise, knowledge, and continuing education programs to the telecommunications industry. It has funded research areas in telemedicine, telephathology, virtual reality applications in medicine, parallel optics, and polymer optical fiber.

Materials Processing and Application Development Laboratory

The Metals Casting Laboratory specializes in research on state-of-the-art lost-foam casting techniques applied primarily to the automative industry. Additional efforts include solidification of steels and aluminum alloys, machinability of cast iron, and environmental studies of foundary emissions. The Casting Lab has close ties to over 50 industries across the U. S. and in Europe.

Sustainable Smart Cities

The Environment Awareness Research, Technology, and Health (EARTH) Center has two areas of research specialty: the By-Products Utilization Program and the Environmental Health Program. The By-Products Program specializes in fly ash related research and commercialization. The Environmental Health Program has many collaborators in the School of Public Health.

Transportation Center

The University Transportation Center for Alabama (UTCA) has as its theme "management and safety of transportation systems". This is applicable to multiple modes of transporation. The Center will concentrate on the highway and mass transit modes, but may also conduct projects featuring rail, waterway, and other modes as well as intermodal issues.