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University of Houston, College of Technology - 2016

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The Mechanical Engineering Technology (MET) program has a senior design capstone experience. The MET Senior Design capstone experience is a sequence of two courses taken in the student’s senior year. Both courses are time-intensive, and the students spend 4 hours in class (each course is 2 credits). Students are expected to obtain financial support from industry. In general (based on the type of systems chosen) in the first course, MECT 4275 â€" Senior Design Project , students, working in teams, design, model, test (computationally and through prototypes) and validate their process. The teams are expected to complete their design process from research through conceptualization to generation of final design and accompanying documents taking in consideration cost as well as fabrication issues. In the second course of the sequence, MECT 4276 â€" Senior Design II, teams realize their final design. Students concentrate on refining a path forward for construction and fabrication work, experimenting and testing models considering alternatives. Teams also analyze the results of their design, summarize lessons learned and preparing and submitting design documents including a project report.