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Wayne State University - 2016

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Undergraduate Admission to the College of Engineering

Professional program admission: HS overall and Math/Sci gpa >=3.5 with MathACT>=26 or MathSAT>=650; Placement into MAT 2010, CHM 1225, ENG 1020 or higher.

Pre-professional Program admission: HS overall GPA>=2.5, HS Math/Sci gpa>=3.0 with Math ACT>=22 or MathSAT>=550; Placement into MAT 1800, CHM 1225, ENG 1020 or higher.

Engineering Bridge Program admission: Admission into Wayne State University

Undergraduate Admission to an Engineering Department

Same as College

Entrance Requirements for Foreign Students

TOEFL score of 550 or higher (213 or higher computer format, 79 or higher Internet format)

Entrance Requirements for Non-Resident Students

Same as resident students

Residency Requirements

34 credits earned at WSU.

Admissions Requirements for Transfer Students

Professional Program Admission: Completion of Math, Chemistry, and Physics Sequence with 3.0 overall and math/science gpa, and no grade in required technical courses less than C.

Pre-professional Program Admission: Completion of at least 12 credits with 2.5 overall gpa or better (3.0 math and science) and completion of pre-calculus. Placement into MAT 1800, CHM 1225, and ENG 1020 or above.