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Wayne State University - 2016

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Engineering Technology Information

Degree Requirements

Bachelor's Degree Requirements

128 semester credits, 2.0/4.0 gpa in major as well as in all WSU classes, satisfactory achievement in English Proficiency Exam and Critical Thinking Exam. A minimum of 30 credits from WSU.

Masters Degree requirements:

32 semester credits including 4-6 credit Master's project.

Master's Degree Requirements

Candidates for the MSET degree must complete a minimum of 32-36 semester credits with at least a 3.0 HPA (B average) and no more than two C grades in electives. A minimum grade of B is required in core courses, and no F grade in any course is acceptable. Students must complete either 32 credit hours, including a 4-6 credit project, or 36 credit hours of coursework only to earn the MS.