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Wayne State University - 2016

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Design and Development of a load monitoring system. Controlling a DC Motor speed using LabView. Development of a DSP Based three phase resonant commutated converter system. Modeling of the insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) for PSPICE simulations. Estimation of reliability of electric automobiles. Automated system control using a PLC. Developing a stepper motor controlled steering system for an autonomous vehicle. Developing the breaking system for an autonomous vehicle. Design of a wind powered DC generator for home use. Resolving sticky shift condition for manual transmission model NV 1500 HD for New Venture Gear. Design of a power outage monitoring system. Developing a semi scale wind tunnel to flow patterns on 1/8 scale automotive body. Design of a residential domestic water freeze protection system. Design and development of a bumper fascia. Heat recovery unit for a surgical unit in a hospital. Industry's market positin of PC-Based controls vs the PLCs. Evaluation of a control panel replacement software. Internet based semiconductor amplifier designer. Design of a signal conditioning system for data acquisition substation for home use. Motorman robot door butyle system upgrade with vision and locking door cariers. A guide for implementation of ISO 9000. Evaluation of a power system simulation package. Design of a wireless transmission system using spread spectrum technology.