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Engineering Technology Information

College Description

Engineering Technology College Description and Special Characteristics

The Division of Engineering Technology supports the Wayne State University mission through its commitment to teaching, research and service in select areas of engineering technology. The teaching mission of the Division is to serve the needs of industrial infrastructure by providing undergraduate and graduate educational opportuntities in the engineering technology arena of the engineering enterprise. Our curricula allow more advanced coverage in specialized topics, develop more rigorous analytical skills, and help to advance expertise. The baccalaureate degree programs are designed as upper division programs for the community college associate degree graduates. The graduate program is designed to meet the needs of the graduates and adults who wish to expand or upgrade their knowledge within the areas of engineering technology. We provide for highly individualized study and promote greater depth of understanding in the field of specialization. Our graduates are professionals prepared to perform sophisticated, independent, and team oriented tasks.

The mission of the division will be accomplished by achieving the following goals:

1) Provide a challenging, state-of-the-art learning environment to prepare graduates to practice in the engineering technology profession;
2) Perform scholarly activities in specific areas of engineering technology;
3) Provide strong leadership endeavor to strengthen the reputation of the institution and engineering technology programs with the business, industry, and community at large.