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Stony Brook University - 2016

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Research Description

Research Description By Graduate Engineering Department

Applied Mathematics & Statistics

Computational Mathematics, Statistics Operations Research, Biomathematics, Parallel Computing, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Statistical Data Analysis

Biomedical Engineering

Adaptation of biological systems to physical stimuli, Development of therapeutic and diagnostic techniques utilizing physical modalities, Investigation of man-made environmental hazards, Applications of engineering to the biotechnology industry. Biosensors, Tissue Engineering, DNA sequencing.

Civil Engineering

Sustainable and resilient infrastructure, structural health monitoring, coastal engineering, near-shore coastal processes, wave-structure interactions, computational and theoretical fluid dynamics and applied mechanics, environmental engineering, water and wastewater treatment, geotechnical engineering, thermo-active geo-structures, transportation safety/security, intelligent transportation systems, data analytics and smart cities.

Computer Science

Logic, Algorithms, Concurrency, Graphics, Databases, Languages, Image Processing, Operating Systems, Architecture, Complexity Theory, Expert Systems, Cyber Security

Electrical/Computer Engineering

Telecommunications, Signal Processing, Pattern Recognition, Machine Vision, Computer Graphics, Control Systems, Microprocessors, Circuits, Microelectronic and Optoelectronic Devices, Network Theory, VLSI, Wireless Communications and Digital Signal Processing, Embedded Systems, Super Computers

Materials Science & Engineering

Protective Coatings, Crystalline Properties and Growth, Corrosion Science, Galvanomagnetic Effects, Thin-Film Structure, Surface Properties, Electron Microscopy and X-Ray Techniques

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Design, Computational Mechanics, Experimental Mechanics, Energy Technologies, Engineering Composites, Civil Engineering, Fluid Mechanics, Heat Transfer, Thermodynamics, Automated Manufacturing, Machine Design, Micro Electrical & Mechanical Systems, Optical Non-Destructive Evaluation

Technology & Society

Energy & Environmental systems; educational technologies, and education in engineering & applied sciences; technology management, engineering entrepreneurship and science and technology policy

Research Description By Engineering Research Center

Advanced Energy Research and Technology Center

The Center will exploit advanced cutting edge technologies to explore new ways for production from renewable sources, and find efficient methods for distribution and storage of energy with minimal impact on the local ecosystems.

Center for Advanced Technologies

The New York Center for Advanced Technology focuses on sensor systems, central elements in the development of electronics, optoelectronics, and photonics applications.

Center for Biotechnology

The Center in Biotechnology and Biomedical Devices focuses development efforts in several complementary areas of regenerative musculoskeletal and skin bioengineering to generate and commercialize biomedical innovations in the form of diagnostic, therapeutic, and personal care products.

Center for Thermal Spray Research

The Center focuses on fundamentals of thermal spray processing. It carries out state-of-the-art experimental and theoretical research on the synthesis, modeling and properties of wide classes of traditional and novel materials, plus novel functional configurations. It supports two interdisciplinary research groups. One group focuses on processing science and modeling of traditional and novel materials. The other group applies advanced characterization and modeling techniques to evaluate the materials science of thermal spray deposits.

Center of Excellence in Wireless and Information Technology

The Center of Excellence in Wireless Internet & Information Technology will focus on large scale computing and data mining critical to genomics and other data intensive areas, Internet applications, wireless telecommunications, health care applications, and workforce development programs.

Garcia Center for Polymers at Engineered Surfaces

Research conducted at the Center is aimed at achieving molecular-level control of polymer surfaces to improve the performance of conventional materials such as metal, glass, and wood. The development of new thin films is also a primary research concern. With Exxon, the Garcia Center is creating safer automobile tires, molecular sponges to clean up oil spills, and "molecular Velcro" for adhesion between dissimilar materials.