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Oklahoma State University - 2016

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Engineering Information

Areas of Expertise

Engineering Departments Areas of Expertise
Architecture & Architectural Engineering
  1. Architectural Design
  2. Sustainability principles in design
  3. Design Communication
  4. Entrepreneurship and Architecture
  5. Architectural Ethics
  6. Design & Analysis of Building Structures using Steel, timbers, concrete, and masonry.
Biosystems & Agricultural Engineering
  1. Bioenergy and Bioprocessing
  2. Machine systems
  3. Food Processing
  4. Waste Management
  5. Environmental Quality
  6. Precision Agriculture
  7. Water Resources Engineering
  8. Weather
  9. Safety
  10. Instruments and Sensors
Chemical Engineering
  1. Biomedical & Biochemical
  2. Product and Process Modeling, Optimization, Automation, and Design
  3. Thermodynamics and molecular simulation
  4. Energy - Production, refining, minimization
  5. Colloidal systems, emulsions, spray characterization
  6. Separations, distillation, absorption, mass transfer
Civil and Environmental Engineering
  1. Structures
  2. Transportation
  3. Construction Project Management
  4. Environmental Engineering
  5. Water Resources
  6. Geotechnical
  7. Materials
Computer Science
  1. Anonymity and Privacy
  2. Big Data
  3. Cryptography and Security
  4. Wireless Networks
Electrical and Computer Engineering
  1. Control Systems and Intelligent Systems
  2. Photonics, THz Radiation, Devices, MSVLSI and MEMS
  3. Signal, Speech and Image processing and Machine Vision
  4. Communications and Networks/Secure Communications Systems
  5. Power and Energy Systems and Reliability
  6. Computers and digital Systems
  7. Materials and Devices, MSVLSI, and MEMS
Industrial Engineering and Management
  1. Engineering Management
  2. Operations Research
  3. Quality and Reliability
  4. Facilities, Energy and Environmental Management
  5. Enterprise Modeling and Supply Chains
  6. Manufacturing Systems
  7. Healthcare Systems, Logistics
  8. Transportation and Distribution, Big data Analytics
Material Sciences and Engineering
  1. Development of Materials and characterization systems for defense, aerospace, energy, and biomedical applications
  2. Low cost printable electronic/optoelectronic/photovoltaic materials and devices research
  3. Advanced Ceramic Materials Research
  4. Advanced Materials Research for Electronics, Aerospace, Medicine, and Energy Systems
  5. Colliodal science and engineering of ceramic, metallic, and polymeric materials
  6. Advanced Materials Research for Aerospace and Energy Systems
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
  1. Web Handling, Web Transport, Winding and Wrinkling
  2. Nanomechanics, Nanoscale Materials, Composite Materials, NDE
  3. Automatic Control, Robotics, Applied Automation, Machine Vision
  4. Fluid Mechanics, Biomedical fluid mechanics, Cardiovascular tissue engineering
  5. Machining and Grinding, Hard Coatings Surface Mechanics, Precision Metrology, Laser Surface Engineer
  6. Heat Transfer, HVAC, Refrigeration, Ground Source Heat Pumps, Fire Dynamics
  7. Aerodynamics,Aircraft Design, Unmanned Aerial Systems, Aeroacoustics