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Engineering Technology Information

Support Programs

College's Under-Represented Student Groups

National Groups

  • Add New
  • American Indian Science and Engineering
  • National Society of Black Engineers
  • Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers
  • Society of Women Engineers

Other Student Support Programs

The CEAT Academic Excellence Center provides tools for academic success. The study rooms, conference room and student lounge are available to all CEAT students 24/7. Free peer tutoring in math, science, and engineering science courses is also available to all CEAT students. The center provides walk-in advising and access to the Scholarship Office. In addition, The University Writing Center and CEAT Information Technology assistance is available in the center.

The CEAT Scholars Enrichment Program, for gifted students, provides a wide range of intellectual and leadership development activities for our students. The program enables students to participate in local, state, national and international travel aimed at broadening their educational experience.

The CEAT Research Scholars Program provides an opportunity for students to participate in research projects as an undergraduate, while working directly with engineering faculty members on research projects.

The CEAT Academic Advising Office has professional school advisors that are available for academic advisement and mentoring. They serve students by providing academic guidance and support and educate students on the tools they need to be successful. Academic Advisors also develop and provide engagement opportunities for students.

CEAT Career Services offers individualized career assistance, specialized workshops, and resources on a variety of topics including: career exploration, job search strategies, resume and job search correspondence preparation, interviewing skills, and salary negotiation. The office also offers a Cooperative Education Program (Co-op) for undergraduate students, as well as specialized services for graduate and international students.

The Women in Engineering, Architecture and Technology (WEAT) program is in place to develop and support enrollment in the CEAT. The peer mentoring program, an active Society of Women Engineers collegiate section, a living-learning community, programs that foster students interaction with women in industry, and a vigorous recruiting effort are all directed at recruitment and retention of women in engineering, architecture and technology.

The Prospective Student Services office is designed to recruit, retain, and graduate students in engineering, architecture and technology. Through our Summer Bridge Program, Prospective Student Services builds an academic support community among students and provides a bridge to academic and professional success.

CEAT provides a Peer Mentoring Program designed for students in Professional School to support and mentor Pre-Professional School students. Peer Mentors provide social activities for students, engagement opportunities with faculty, and one-on-one support to our students.