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Engineering Information

Degree Requirements

Bachelor's Degree Requirements

A student entering OSU is admitted into the pre-professional school program and will complete course work that is typically taken during the first two years of an engineering curriculum. Near the completion of this course work, the student is considered for admission to one of the engineering professional schools of the College to continue in the upper-division program. After satisfying admission standards, the student is then permitted to pursue a curriculum leading to the Bachelor of Science degree in his or her discipline.

In each school of engineering, lower-division course work is devoted to preparing the student for professional school. The content of the pre-professional school program is similar for most engineering specialties and includes English composition and technical course work devoted to mathematics through calculus and differential equations, general chemistry, general physics, engineering and engineering sciences.

Upon formal admission to the professional school of his or her choice, the student proceeds through the junior and senior years of the degree program, fulfilling "Major Requirements" as listed in the right column on the degree requirement sheet. Degree requirement sheets can be found in the university’s publication of Undergraduate Programs and Requirements, available online. Upon completion of all degree requirements, the student is awarded the Bachelor of Science degree.

Master's Degree Requirements

A student must have satisfied the requirements for B.S. degree in engineering or equivalent. Plan One master's degrees require 30 semester hours, including six hours of thesis. Plan Two master's degrees are not offered in the engineering schools. Plan Three master's degrees require 33 semester hours. Each plan must have at least 21 hours of 5000 level coursework. A final GPA of 3.0/4.0 is required with coursework & thesis or other creative component averaged separately.

Doctoral Degree Requirements

At least 90 semester hours of work acceptable for graduate credit beyond the B.S. degree or 60 semester hours beyond the Master's degree. The dissertation of 18 to 24 semester hours is included in these totals. Graduate students are expected to earn "B's" or better.