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Student Projects

Student Design Projects Description

Intro to Engineering course requires a design project centered around a theme.

Capstone Design Projects vary from year to year and by Department, such as:

Interdisciplinary Projects sponsored by industrial partners over the course of a year involving design, prototype and test.

Electrical & Computer Engineering - projects often involve Assistive Technology - designing a device to help improve the quality of life of a disadvantaged client.

Chemical Engineering - project entails large-scale chemical plant design.

Civil Engineering - design of a large-scale building project, including siting, environmental impact, hydrology, transportation, foundation, structural design.

Plastics Engineering - spcific research & design projects such as:
- Recycling of Plastic Polypropylene Bottle Wrappers
- The Effect of Recycling History on the Performance of Injection Molded Virgin, Talc Filled, Short Glass Fiber Reinforced and Long Glass Fiber Reinforced Polypropylene Resins
- The Study of Forming Dissimilar Sheet Materials Using the Twin-Sheet Thermoforming Process
- A Study of Blown-Film Nanocomposites Consisting of Polcaprolactone and Montmorillonite Clay
- Evaluatios of Different Melt Blending Techniques for Commingled Electronic Plastic Waste
- Heat Sealibility of Recycled HDPE and Recycled PET Blends

Mechanical Engineering - various projects, including those sponsored by industry, related to mechanical engineering topics.

In addition to Capstone Design projects, there are many Service-Learning projects integrated throughout the curriculum in Engineering including designing & delivering infrastructure to developing nations.