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Student Design Projects Description

ADVANCED ARCHITECTURAL DOCUMENTS & ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN TECHNIQUES- this is a two term project which begins with the study of designs of new buildings and the renovation of existing buildings. Students create their own design, learning to integrate HVAC, plumbing, and electrical systems into their design. The project involves site visits, building codes, materials research, and the analysis of structural issues. The final presentation consists of a complete set of working drawings, specifications, and an oral presentation before a jury of professional architects outside of the university. - CONSTRUCTION ESTIMATING - this student project consists of a professional grade construction cost estimate package for a structure. This is design package consisting of drawings, pertinent vendor/material information, a written scope of work describing the structure, a feasibility cost estimate within +/-15% accuracy, a project bar chart schedule, and an oral presentation during which the project and estimate are described. INDUSTRIAL CONTROLS & INSTRUMENTATION - Students will develop a program in which they generate solution, logic and a program to solve a manufacturing controls problem. The project will include motor control, instrumentation, use of sensors, and troubleshooting. Students will use PLC trainers to test their solutions and will report their findings to the class in both written and oral formats. CADD & ADVANCED CADD - Students develop working drawings of an assigned design from acquired knowledge in two-and three-dimensional computer-aided-drafting techniques. Students will present their work at various stages of completion to the instructor and their classmates. Application of three-dimensional modeling techniques and the preparation of detail drawings from the model are also included in the project. NUMERICAL CONTROL APPLICATIONS - Students work in teams to develop the following as it pertains to the use of computerized numerical control machines: redesign a part using computer aided drafting and the principles of the CNC process, calculating the cost of manufacturing the part, producing a final manufacturing-quality report, and an oral presentation to classmates, faculty, and manufacturing professionals. SENIOR TECHNOLOGY CAPSTONE - Students work in teams on a comprehensive problem in engineering technology, relative to their area of study. Students select an appropriate problem, study the process of creative problem-solving and design, interview professionals as necessary to further understand and analyze their problems, and prepare a solution in both written and oral formats. All the students participate in an end-of-semester design exposition which is a showcase event for the College and community at large.