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Student Design Projects Description

Students are encouraged to work on industry related projects with an outside customer, and industry representatives frequently serve as mentors. In the senior year of the mechanical engineering curriculum, a two course major design experience capitalizes on engineering science and design courses taught in previous years. Industry sponsored projects, mentored by faculty and industry sponsors, provide opportunities not only to apply theory and engineering standards but also to develop essential skills for success such as team work and communication. In their senior year, cyber security engineering students complete two semester advanced design capstone course. They work in groups to apply knowledge they have gained to design and implement solutions to a complex real-world problem within a cyber-physical security system. In the electrical engineering program, a hardware and simulation projects course is required. A project plan, progress reports, final report, and oral presentations are required. In the civil and infrastructure engineering program, a senior design project is required of all students. This is a substantial undertaking where students are required to work as part of a team to solve a large-scale, multidimensional problem typically focused on urban infrastructure development. In the computer science department, students are matched with projects based on their interests. Students in the systems engineering program work as a team to develop a system, using the systems engineering lifecycle, from requirements to implementation. In the computer engineering program, a comprehensive project involving assembly and high level programming and hardware (microprocessor and sensors) interfacing is required. Final oral and written reports are presented. Finally, in the two-semester Information Technology capstone courses, students are formed into faculty-coached teams and tasked with managing a real business process re-engineering project for a real organization. The focus is not technology but the issues IT professionals encounter in the business world.