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University of California, Santa Barbara - 2016

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General Admissions

Entrance Requirements and Recommendations


High school courses-A) 2 years of History/Social Science, must include 1 year World History/Cultures/Geography and 1 year U.S. History- B) 4 years of college-preparatory English composition or literature- C) 3 years of Mathematics (4 years recommended),must include Elementary Algebra, Geometry, Advanced Algebra or higher- D) 2 years of laboratory science (3 years recommended), must include two of the following three areas: biology, chemistry and physics- E) 2 years of a language other than English (3 years recommended)- F) 1 year of Visual and Performing Arts, chosen from the following: dance, drama/theatre, music, or visual arts (year-long course must be in a single discipline)- G) 1 year of a college-preparatory elective, the elective course may be drawn from UC-approved courses taken beyond the minimum requirements in the areas "a-f" listed above. SAT Reasoning Test or ACT Assessment plus Writing. College recommends Math 2 SAT subject test. Minimum scores vary with major desired. Check for articulation agreements and requirements for community college transfers.


Advanced mathematics (calculus), College Board Advanced Placement examinations.