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Engineering Information

Degree Requirements

Bachelor's Degree Requirements

Depending on the program of study, a minimum of 124-130 credits of academic work is required for a bachelor of engineering degree (this does not include credits earned in the Cooperative Education Program and Orientation). Consult the program specific sections of the catalog for guidelines and minimum degree requirements.

All degree candidates must satisfy the university requirements which include English and General Education Requirements.

Degree candidates must attain a cumulative grade-point average of at least 2.00 for all work and at least 2.00 for all required courses - including technical electives - in the combined areas of engineering, computer science, mathematics, physics, and chemistry.

Technical electives are courses in engineering, mathematics, physical sciences, or computer science at the 300 level or above. These electives must not duplicate any courses used to satisfy other credit requirements in the student's program. Courses chosen to satisfy the technical elective requirement must have adviser approval and must be taken for a grade.

Master's Degree Requirements

Completion of the necessary (as specified by each program) amount of credit hours of core courses and elective courses.

Choice of either the thesis option or the non-thesis options.

Minimum GPA of 3.0.

Compliance with all requirements of the College of Graduate Studies for regular graduate student status and graduation.

Doctoral Degree Requirements

The doctoral degree includes the following specific requirements:

1. A minimum of ninety (90) credits beyond the bachelor's degree. These credits must include:

- Course Credits: Independent study and directed study courses are not admissible as course credits. A minimum of 40 credits of course work is required, which should include:
(i) A minimum of six (6) credits (2 courses) of advanced-level engineering mathematics from an approved list maintained by the Graduate Affairs Committee (GAC) of the Engineering College.
(ii) A minimum of six (6) credits (2 courses) of graduate level courses from outside of engineering. Courses must be applicable to the graduate program of the offering department.
(iii) A three (3) credit (minimum) course on research communications from an approved list maintained by the GAC of the Engineering College, and a 1-hour doctoral seminar course (ESC 850 or BME 850).
(iv) A minimum of twenty-four (24) credits of coursework, determined by the area of specialization, including 12 credits (minimum) of required core courses; and 12 credits (minimum) of advanced-level (6xx or 7xx level) elective engineering courses.

Research Credits: A minimum of thirty (30) credits of doctoral research, including a maximum of 10 credits of xxx895 (doctoral research), and a minimum of 20 credits of xxx899 (dissertation). Registration in xxx899 is contingent upon successful completion of the candidacy exam.

Flexible Credits: A minimum of 20 credits, from a combination of dissertation and/or coursework at the 500-level or above.

For students entering the doctoral program with a master's degree, the student's combined master's and doctoral coursework must satisfy all content requirements described above. At least 20 credits of coursework required for the doctoral program must be taken at CSU. At least 30 credits of research (xxx895 and xxx899) must be taken at CSU. And at least 60 credits (total) must be taken at CSU. The graduate program committee of the specialization is responsible for assignment of credits from the student's MS program to the doctoral of engineering program.

2. Satisfactory completion of the Qualifying Examination.

3. GAC approval of the Dissertation Committee and Plan of Study and satisfactory completion of the doctoral Candidacy Examination.

4. Completion of a doctoral dissertation and successful oral defense of the dissertation.

5. Compliance with all requirements of the College of Graduate Studies for regular graduate student status and graduation.