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Louisiana Tech University - 2016

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Dual Degrees

Undergraduate Engineering Dual Degree Program Description

Students at Louisiana Tech University and Grambling State University have the opportunity of simultaneously pursuing two Bachelor of Science degree programs, one at Tech and one at Grambling. Grambling's B.S. degree in Drafting Technology is coordinated with Tech's B.S. degree in Civil Engineering. Grambling's B.S. degree in Electronics Technology is coordinated with Tech's B.S. degree in Electrical Engineering.
A student who wishes to enroll for either of these dual programs may do so by declaring his/her intention when applying for admission. Transfer students are allowed to enter these programs at any registration at either of the universities.
To Qualify for a B.S. degree at Grambling and a B.S. degree at Tech, a student must complete all courses required by the Department of Industrial Education at Grambling and the courses required by the appropriate engineering department at Tech. Courses that are common to both degree programs and that are offered at both universities may be taken at either university.

Undergraduate Engineering Dual Degrees Awarded