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Engineering Technology


Admission to Engineering Technology College

Undergraduate freshmen are required to enroll initially in the Division of Admissions, Orientation, Basic and Career Studies. They will be admitted to the College of Engineering when they have demonstrated the scholastic achievement required for success in their intended major. This scholastic achievement consists of the following requirements: 1) The student must be in good academic standing in the Division of Admissions, Orientation, Basic and Career Studies, and 2) The student is required to attain at least a 2.2 GPA based on hours attempted in the Freshman Curriculum of the intended major for admission to the College of Engineering. Some departments require a grade of "C" or better if the course is a prerequisite for other courses in the curriculum.

Admission to an Engineering Technology Department

Same as for all freshmen.

Entrance Requirements for Foreign Students

All students must have sufficient knowledge of the English language to benefit from a program of study. All undergraduates whose first language is not English must take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). Applicants who score 500 or more, and who meet all other admission qualifications, may proceed with an academic program. All students must provide proof of financial support in accordance with immigration regulations. All other Immigration and Naturalization Service requirements must be met for admission. Applications must be completed two months prior to each quarter.

Entrance Requirements for Non-Resident Students

Same as for residents.

Residency Requirements

No less than 36 weeks residence at Louisiana Tech is required, during which at least 30 semester hours and 60 quality points are earned. A student must spend the senior year in residence. Exception: A student who has fulfilled the minimum residence requirements may be permitted to earn nine of the last 36 semester hours out of residence.

Admissions Requirements for Transfer Students

Official transcripts from all previously attended colleges and universities are required. Transfer students will not be admitted to the University if they are under scholastic or disciplinary suspension from another college. No transfer student will be admitted to the University unless their academic record meets the standards required of a student.

Candidates for admission to the College of Engineering and Science who have studied at another institution of higher education must submit an official record of that study to Louisiana Tech University. This record will be evaluated by the program in which the candidate wishes to major. The evaluation will determine which curricular requirements of the intended program of study at Louisiana Tech have been satisfied by the student's prior study. Students must have an overall GPA of at least 2.25 of 4.0 in all courses for which transfer credit is allowed. If a student has less than 24 hours of credit the same requirements for freshmen students apply. If more than 24 hours, students must have completed a college-level English and mathematics course.

Number of Transfer Students from:

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