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Louisiana Tech University - 2016

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Engineering Information

Engineering Departments

Engineering Department(s) Degree Granting Level Department Chair Discipline
Biomedical Engineering Both Steve Jones Biomedical Engineering
Chemical Engineering Both Eric Sherer Chemical Engineering
Chemistry Both Collin Wick Other Engineering Disciplines
Civil Engineering Both Jay Wang Civil Engineering
College of Engineering & Science Graduate Sumeet Dua Engineering (General)
Computational Analysis & Modeling Graduate Weizhong Dai Other Engineering Disciplines
Computer Science Both Jean Gourd Computer Science (inside engineering)
Construction Engineering Technology Both Norman Pumphrey Other Engineering Disciplines
Cyber Engineering Both Miguel Gates Electrical Engineering
Electrical Engineering Both Davis Harbour Electrical Engineering
Electrical Engineering Technology Undergraduate Michael Swanbom Electrical Engineering
Engineering and Technology Management Graduate Beth Hegab Engineering Management
Industrial Engineering Both Jun-ing Ker Industrial/Manufacturing/Systems Engineering
Mathematics and Statistics Both Dave Meng Other Engineering Disciplines
Mechanical Engineering Both Henry Cardenas Mechanical Engineering
Microsystems Engineering Graduate Hisham Hegab Engr. Science and Engr. Physics
Molecular Sciences & Nanotechnology Graduate Bala Ramachandran Other Engineering Disciplines
Nanosystems Engineering Undergraduate Sandra Zivanovic Other Engineering Disciplines
Physics Both Steven Wells Engr. Science and Engr. Physics