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Widener University - 2016

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Research Description

Research Description By Graduate Engineering Department

Biomedical Engineering

Biomaterials, Drug delivery systems, Artificial kidney/hemodialysis, Lower spine pain, Breast cancer therapeutics, Alzheimer's disease detection, Cancer and Alzheimer's disease therapeutics, Brain and spine swelling remediation, Gait analysis, Biomechanics, Swallowing mechanism

Chemical Engineering

Biotechnology,Composite materials,
Chemical Process Control, Nanomaterials, Carbon-based synthetic Nanoporous materials, Mathematical modeling, Optimization

Civil Engineering

Environmental Engineering, Laws and Water Supply, Structural Analysis and Design, Geotechnical, Transportation infrastructure, Soil stability

Electrical Engineering

Signal and Image Processing, Telecommunications and Computer Networks,Image/Video Coding,Video over IP ,Network-Adaptive Coding and Transmission ,Medical Imaging ,DSP applications in multimedia, wireless and other telecommunication areas ,Optimization Algorithms and Applications, Broadband Wireless

Mechanical Engineering

Computational Fluid Mechanics, Thermal and Solar Engineering, Energy Conservation, Composite Materials, Solid Mechanics, Cryogenics, Refrigeration technology, Robotics

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