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University of Houston - 2016

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Design and Construct a Robot for US First Robotics Competition; Design Facilities, Systems and Controls for an Ion Beam Lithography Unit; Design a Slip-on Sand Screen Sleeve Attached by a Shrink Fit; Design and Fabricate a Three Point Bending Test Device; Design a Data Acquisition System; Design a Reusable Load Cell on an 18-3/4" Collet Connector; Design and Build an Adapter to Provide the Transfer of Numerical Data Obtained from an "Electronic Tape Measure"; Design a Subsea Cooler Using Seawater Chilling; Zero Gravity Machinery Monitoring; Design, Fabrication and Testing of High Precision Systems; Passive Flow Control Devices for Wastewater and Airflow in Biological Water Processing Unit; Removable External Pressure Test Vessel; Development of an Interactive Operation and Maintenance Program; NASA Air Conditioning Modification; Develop Tactile (force) Sensors for a Dexterous Robotic Hand; Light-box Optimization; Evaluation of Hydraulic Volumetric Flow Rates;
Design Wireless ECG and Respiratory Monitoring System; Design Optical Projection Tomography System; Design and Build a Universal Transducer Adapter for Use in Commercially Available Ultrasound Systems