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University of Houston - 2016

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Engineering Information

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Engineering College Description and Special Characteristics

The college offers four-year undergraduate programs in six traditional engineering disciplines. Mathematics and sciences are emphasized in the first three semesters, followed by five semesters of more specialized training in one of the engineering majors. A comprehensive core curriculum, including literature, social sciences and visual and performing arts courses, provides a background in general knowledge. Through the core curriculum and engineering courses, the college strives to prepare students for their role as productive members of society by providing a comprehensive education that includes significant practical experience. Emphasis in the engineering program is placed on instilling a thorough understanding of fundamental concepts reinforced with laboratory experience and incorporating the use of computer-aided engineering.
The college has 3-2 programs with Houston Baptist University and the University of St.Thomas. Articulation agreements also exist between the University of Houston and most junior community colleges in the Houston areas.
The college offers the MS, ME and PhD in all five departments and in six interdisciplinary programs. Many excellent graduate study areas exist in the college.