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Engineering Information

Degree Requirements

Bachelor's Degree Requirements

Number of classes required for ABET accredited BS degrees is 38.
Eleven courses make up the introductory curriculum and include math, science, English, and introductory engineering classes for all ABET accredited degrees except Biomedical Engineering, which requires twelve such courses.
Foundation Requirements (five to ten total: as determined by the department) can be selected from the following areas of study: engineering science, engineering management, biology, chemistry, computer science, geology, mathematics and physics/astronomy.
Concentration Requirements (eleven to twelve total; as determined by the department). Courses that complete the concentration requirements are determined by individual Engineering departments and vary according to your major. Please check with the specific departments for more detailed information.
Humanities/Social Science Requirements (five courses, in addition to a required introductory English course). The courses selected include a minimum of one credit in the humanities and one credit in the social sciences. All levels of foreign language and English are accepted for the arts/humanities requirement.
Free Elective Requirements (one or two total, depending on major). The free electives can be chosen without restriction.

Master's Degree Requirements

Civil Engineering - 10 credits including thesis with oral examination, report or design project.
Bioengineering - 10 credits including a seminar with either a thesis, report, or project.
Biomedical Engineering - 10 credits including research seminar and thesis.
Chemical Engineering - 10 credits including thesis with oral examination.
Computer Science - 10 credits including project with written report, or thesis with oral exam.
Electrical - 10 credits including thesis with oral examination.
Mechanical Engineering - 10 credits including thesis with oral examination.
Engineering Management - 10 credits including experience-based individual and team projects.

Doctoral Degree Requirements

Thirty credits with BS. Twenty credits with MS. Qualifying examination and completion of doctoral dissertation.