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Student Design Projects Description

All of our engineering programs require a capstone design project.

In Biomedical Engineering seniors participate in a team design experience as well as an individual research project (Senior Project). The team design projects are tailored to the needs of specific "clients" at the nearby Children's Hospital. Each student also participates in an individual year-long research project (Senior Project) with a biomedical engineering faculty member. By the end of their undergraduate work, the students will have substantial research experience that includes writing a comprehensive thesis describing the research performed and presenting an oral presentation of the work to the faculty and fellow students.

In Chemical Engineering the two senior design projects are Senior Design and Practice School. Senior Design-Students are required to solve a student contest problem which is provided by the AICHE. Students compete nationally with other Chemical Engineering Programs. The winner is selected by a National panel. Practice School-Students are placed in an industrial setting under the supervision of an industrial engineer. They are required to solve a problem of industrial relevance.

In Engineering Physics students are required to participate in three progressive activities.
1) A sophomore Engineering Team Design course which can include a design project for a local manufacturing company. This project usually involves the evaluation and subsequent design of a device to improve a manufacturing operation including cost analysis, return on investment, ergonomic and safety issues.
2) A junior Summer internship at an industrial/research/commercial environment. This activity is individually designed to meet the educational goals of the individual and perform value added work for the host organization. Ideally leading to the Senior Design Project.
3) A Senior Engineering Design Capstone course. This two semester course involves the evaluation and design/research of a detailed process/product design change or large scale manufacturing operation improvement with the close supervision of an engineering physics faculty member.