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University of California-Santa Cruz - 2016

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Student Projects

Student Design Projects Description

Students in all majors have the opportunity to participate in a corporate-sponsored senior design team and project.

Students majoring in Computer Engineering and Electrical Engineering complete an advanced two quarter senior project designed to integrate their hardware, software, technical writing, and teamwork skills.

Students in Computer Science may elect a design project from a group of capstone options.

Computer Science: Computer Game Design students complete a three quarter Game Design Studio sequence.

Students majoring in Technology and Information Management complete two project-intensive courses, either the combination CS 115 and TIM 158, or the combination CS 115 and TIM 105. CS 115 addresses the technical side of the major, whereas TIM 158 deals with the business and economics content, and TIM 105 deals with the integration of technology and business.

Bioengineering students complete a senior design project as part of a multidisciplinary team to solving a current problem. Students may satisfy this requirement with research in a faculty laboratory, concurrent with 123A and 195, or by forming a student team to address a problem of interest and challenge within 123A and 123B.