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Students in Engineering Sciences 96, the junior course in engineering design, participate in a team-based design project. The design seminar is organized into small design teams collaborating on a design task of considerable complexity. The goal is to develop substantial experience using the basic methodologies of engineering design and to learn to cope with the often conflicting constraints of the design process. Engineering Sciences 100hf, the senior course in engineering design, is less structured with greater emphasis on individual responsibility, enterprise, and creativity. Each student, in consultation with an appropriate faculty supervisor, formulates and carries to completion a design project in the student's area of primary interest. Suitable subjects for these individual projects include design tasks in automation and robotics; computation and communication, materials; energy generation and conservation; electronics; optics and opto-electronics; electromechanics; fluid and solid mechanics; environmental systems; bioelectricity and biomechanics.

Other design courses that students are encouraged to consider are Engineering Sciences 50, Introduction to Electrical Engineering; and Engineering Sciences 51, Computer-Aided Machine Design, an introductory course in the design and construction of mechanical and electromechanical devices which culminates with students designing and constructing a small fleet of all-terrain vehicles that compete with each other on a varied-surface obstacle course. Other design courses at the undergraduate level are also available to students focusing on different aspects of the design process.