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Engineering Information

Degree Requirements

Bachelor's Degree Requirements

The A.B. degree in Engineering Sciences requires 14-16 four-unit courses and has no thesis requirement. There is an optional tutorial available as a supervised reading and research course as well as a required sophomore forum for non-credit. The S.B. degree in Engineering Sciences requires 20 four-unit courses with a required design project and final oral and written report. The A.B. degree in Computer Science requires 10-12 four-unit courses for the basic program with no thesis requirement and an optional tutorial consisting of a supervised reading and research course. The honors program requires 12-14 four-unit courses with optional thesis and tutorial requirement consisting of a supervised reading and research course. The A.B. degree in Applied Mathematics requires 14-15 four-unit courses. To be eligible for English honors, all students must satisfy a modeling requirement, in which a paper is written where mathematical analysis is used to understand some aspect of the world around us.

Master's Degree Requirements

The SM degree is awarded for the successful completion of eight four-credit courses which are completed in one year of residency. Students enroll in four four-credit courses per semester. There is no thesis, language, or general examination required, although students may choose to include a thesis.

The M.E. degree is awarded for successful completion of 16 half-courses, 8 of which are research courses and 8 of which are traditional half-courses. A thesis is required.

Doctoral Degree Requirements

The PhD degree requires ten four-credit courses. In addition, an oral qualifying examination that evaluates the student’s preparation in the major field is required, as is a dissertation and a final oral examination. The final examination is devoted to the field of the dissertation. No foreign language is required.