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Student Design Projects Description

Students participate in engineering design throughout the curriculum. This begins in the freshman year in the Engineering Practices Introductory Course Sequence (EPICS), and concludes with project courses in the senior year. EPICS is a two course sequence in the freshman and sophomore years. It is designed to prepare students for their upper division courses and to develop some of the key skills of the professional engineer: the ability to solve complex, open-ended problems; the ability to self-educate; and the ability to communicate effectively. Problem-solving
skills are developed through projects, which the students solve in teams. They learn to use the computer as a problem-solving tool, and build skills in modern productivity and engineering software packages. Most design
activities in the junior year concentrate in building design competencies in a discipline. The EPICS skills are used in the junior and senior design projects, and at the senior level these projects embrace system level issues and have technical depth aligning with the discipline in a student's
major. In some cases the senior design projects have extended multidisciplinary attributes and are offered in cross-departmental settings.