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University of Colorado Boulder - 2016

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"Hovercraft", gas-powered craft can cruise along at 15 mph and is able to climb a 20-degree slope with a driver on board.
"Bike Water Screw", bicycle-powered water pump using Archimedes' screw concept.
"Tubular Telephone", an educational playground exhibit illustrating how sound is transmitted through acoustic waves in air.
"Rube Goldfish", a complex machine that uses many steps to perform a simple task.
"The Masscillator", can estimate a person’s body mass based on the period of vibration
"Tsunami Simulator", designed to demonstrate the intensity and wave formation of a tsunami that could occur on the volcanic island of La Palma, off the coast of Africa.
"Walking on Water", fiberglass walking “shoes” designed to resemble the hull of a boat.
"Dynamic Stability Tray", an accessory tray for a rolling walker that makes frustrating spills a rare occurrence.
"BallBot", a spherical robot designed to carry a small payload such as a high resolution digital camera into a locations where it would be difficult or dangerous to send humans.
"TouchUp", a multi-user, touch-based image editor designed to run on the MERL DiamondTouch table.
"Peregrine Return Vehicle", a high-tech flying machine designed to retrieve student-built science “payloads” when they land in hard-to-reach places.
"Vehicle for Icy Terrain Locomotion", designed to retain traction on icy terrain and climb over obstacles without dumping its precious cargo.
"Surgical Device", a 5-mm hand piece for ConMed Electrosurgery, which is intended to both cut and cauterize tissue with one tool.