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Engineering College Description and Special Characteristics

The College of Engineering and Applied Science was established in 1893. Today, the College is a top-tier public research institution home to six departments, fourteen undergraduate degree programs, and eleven graduate degree programs. Subjects range from astrodynamics to biotechnology to nanotechnology.

The Engineering Center opened in 1966 and has undergone numerous additions and renovations. It comprises 660,000 square feet of classrooms, research laboratories, computing facilities, offices, and other space supporting the College’s education and research programs. Notable additions include the Integrated Teaching and Learning Laboratory, opened in 1997 as an innovative facility supporting a collaborative undergraduate design curriculum, and the Discovery Learning Center, opened in 2002 as a high-tech facility devoted to the inclusion of undergraduates in research along with graduate students, faculty, and industry and government partners. Most recently, the Jennie Smoly Caruthers Biotechnology Building opened in spring of 2012 giving a new home to the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering and the SEEC building opened in fall of 2015 giving a new home to Environmental Engineering. Additionally the Idea Forge (a revitalization of 22,000 square feet of the former law library) has opened to encourage collaborative, cross-disciplinary endeavors. Expansion plans for the near future include the opening of a fifth wing of the Biotechnology building and a new Aerospace Engineering building.

The College has six academic departments, with 210 full-time regular (tenured/tenure-track) faculty including those rostered elsewhere, 73 instructional faculty, and 16 research faculty. Fall 2016 enrollment numbers include 4,635 Undergraduates, 1,131 Master’s, and 769 PhD students.

The six academic departments in the College, offering BS, ME/MS and PhD degrees, are:
• Aerospace Engineering Sciences
• Chemical and Biological Engineering
• Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering
• Computer Science
• Electrical, Computer, and Energy Engineering
• Mechanical Engineering.

Research contract and grant awards to the College grew tenfold from the mid-1980s to the mid-1990s, from about $4 M per year to nearly $40 M per year. Since FY 2007, substantial growth occurred, with $73.63M awarded in FY 2016.