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University of Wisconsin, Platteville - 2016

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Engineering Information

Engineering Departments

Engineering Department(s) Degree Granting Level Department Chair Discipline
Civil and Environmental Engineering Undergraduate Christina Curras Civil Engineering
Note: Offers degrees in both Civil and Environmental Engineering. Students predominantly major in Civil Engineering.
Computer Science/Software Engineering Undergraduate Lisa Landgraf Computer Engineering
Note: Offers a Computer Science undergraduate and graduate degrees that are not accredited.
Electrical Engineering Undergraduate Philip Sealy Electrical Engineering
Engineering Physics Undergraduate Andrew Pawl Engr. Science and Engr. Physics
General Engineering Graduate Abulkhair Masoom Engineering (General)
Note: Offers a MS in Engineering. There is no degree program in general engineering for undergraduates but students are advised as general engineering students before they meet certain requirements to declare a specific engineering major.
Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Undergraduate David Kunz Mechanical Engineering
Note: Offers degrees in both Mechanical and Industrial Engineering. Students predominantly major in Mechanical Engineering.