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University of Wisconsin, Platteville - 2016

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Engineering Information

Degree Programs

Bachelor's Degree Program(s)

Engineering Department(s) Bachelor's Degree Program(s) Discipline
Civil and Environmental Engineering Civil Engineering (B.S.) Civil Engineering
Civil and Environmental Engineering Environmental Engineering (B.S.) Environmental Engineering
Computer Science/Software Engineering Software Engineering (B.S.) Other Engineering Disciplines
Computer Science/Software Engineering Computer Science (B.S.) Computer Science (inside engineering)
Note: Not ABET or CSAB accredited
Electrical Engineering Electrical Engineering (B.S.) Electrical Engineering
Engineering Physics Engineering Physics (B.S.) Engr. Science and Engr. Physics
General Engineering Pre-engineering students (no degree) Engineering (General)
Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Mechanical Engineering (B.S.) Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Industrial Engineering (B.S.) Industrial/Manufacturing/Systems Engineering

Master's Degree Program(s)

Engineering Department(s) Master's Degree Program(s) Discipline
General Engineering Masters of Science in Engineering Engineering (General)

Doctoral Degree Program(s)

No listings found.