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North Dakota State University - 2016

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Research Description

Research Description By Graduate Engineering Department

Agricultural & Biosystems Engineering

Characterization of Canola Oil for Biodiesel; conversion of cellulosic material for ethanol; Sensor development to detect spoiled meat; irrigation for surplus water management; effects of subsurface drainage on soil characteristics and discharge water quality

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Applications of Cell Entrapment / Bioaugmentation for Water Pollution Control; Biomimetrics and Nanotechnology; Biomaterials Design and Tissue Engineering; Clay-Polymer Nanocomposites; Continuum Mechanics and Mechanics of Inelastic Continua; Environmental Sensors; Expansive Soils; Nanoparticles for Remediation; Pavement Materials; Recycled Construction Materials; Premature Cracking Prevention PCC Pavement ; Innovative methods to preclude slab settlement; Intelligent design, Thermal Imaging in asphalt pavement construction, assessement of student learning, Alternative Delivery Systems for Education

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Application and design of RFID tags and readers; Cryptography, Cardiovascular devices / physiology; Neuroengineering; Power Systems; Electro magnetic and optical

Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering

Nano-manufacturing, Superfinish hard machining; Reliability and Quality Systems Applied to Product Design and Manufacturing; Reliability and Statistical Quality Control Applied To Manufacturing, Packaging for low-cost disposable microelectronics, Direct-write material deposition methods, Laser processing, Lead-Free Soldering For Printed Circuit Boards, Micro-Sensor Production System Modeling and Design, RFID Applications in Pharmaceutical and Frozen Food Packaging, Simulation and Modeling of Manufacturing Systems.

Mechanical Engineering

Composite materials processing, characterization, and modeling; natural fiber composites; Impact biomechanics; Experimental and Computational fluid mechanics; Robotics and autonomous vehicle control; alternative energy applications with biofuels and hydrogen

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