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Research Description

Research Description By Graduate Engineering Department

Computer Science and Security

1. A Novel Algebraic Approach for the Design of Multivariate Public-key Cryptosystems Using Para-unitary Matrices over Finite Fields
2. Bio-Threat Web 2.0 Data Retrieval and Analytics
3. Investigating Cognitive Rhythms as a New Modality for Continuous Authentication
4. Exploring Verification and Validation Approaches for Agent-based Disease Spread Models
5. REU Site: Smartphone Security and Mobile Network Research at NYIT
6. Design and Development of a Suite of Keyboard-based Biometrics for an Active Authentication System
7. Hand Movement, Orientation and Grasp (H-MOG): A New Behavioral Modality for Active Authentication of Smartphone Users

Electrical & Computer Engineering

1. Enhancing the Electrical and Computer Engineering Curriculum by Integrating Applications of Wireless Technology
2. Model-based Software for Configuring Single-switch Scanning Systems
3. MRI-Acquisition of a DC/RF Sputtering System to Support Multi-disciplinary Research on Medical Sensors and Micro-generators in WBAN
4. Performance-based Research: Wireless Sensing of Gastric Electrical Activity

Energy Management

Novel Multidisciplinary, Mult-campus Undergraduate Minor to Enhance STEM Learning in Energy Sciences, Technology and Policies

Environmental Technology & Sustainability

1. NYIT GreenLodge Photovoltaic Array
2. Pathways to Cleaner Production in the Americas Through Integration of Business, Engineering and Environmental Education
3. Eco-partnerships on Groundwater Monitoring, Protection and Training

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