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University of Evansville - 2016

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Engineering Information

Degree Requirements

Bachelor's Degree Requirements

Hours required for degrees are: BSCE - 126; BSEE - 125; BSCoE - 128; BSME - 127; BSCS - 124. In addition to these hour requirements, all graduates must demonstrate competence in a Foreign Language at the first-year college level; this may add up to 6 hours if the requirement is met by coursework. All degrees require an extensive Senior Project. Engineering degrees meet appropriate ABET standards for distribution in Math and Science and Engineering Topics. The Humanities and Social Science requirement is satisfied by a semester of First Year Seminar, required of all Freshmen, and 21 hours of Humanities/Fine Arts and Social Sciences. All degrees are available in either a Co-op or non Co-op option. All degrees are offered on a full-time day basis.

Master's Degree Requirements
Doctoral Degree Requirements