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University of Cincinnati - 2016

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Engineering Information

Degree Requirements

Bachelor's Degree Requirements

The degree requirements vary by program. The engineering programs require between 120.67 and 133.0 semester credit hours to graduate for the class of 2016. All students must enroll in the professional practice program. Senior year students are recommended for degrees when they have completed all requirements of their chosen curricula with a university cumulative average of 2.00 or better, have attained averages of 2.00 or better for all course work in their major, and have fulfilled the professional practice requirements.

Class of 2016 major requirements:
ASE - 133.0
AE " 125.3
BME " 120.67
CHE " 122.7
CE " 125.0
CMPE - 129.0
CS - 125.0
EE " 129.0
ME " 123.0

Note: UC Changed from being quarter-based to semester-based in Fall of 2012.

Master's Degree Requirements

Master's with Thesis - GPA requirement: 3.00/4.00 scale. On the semester system, a total of 30 credit hours is required, through a combination of formal class hours and research. A minimum of 21 credit hours of formal class work is required. Minimum one academic year of full-time graduate study for the MS degree. Thesis may be written in absentia only if approved by advisor and department. Programs may be full- or part-time. Must complete all requirements for degree no later than 5 years from the date of entering an MS degree program. 34 Credit Hours required for degree. Minimum one academic year of full-time graduate study or equivalent work in one department. Nonthesis option available in some departments, requires a minimum of 34 graduate semester credits; a research project may be required.

Doctoral Degree Requirements

GPA requirement: The GPA requirement is established by each department, generally 3.40/4.00 scale. A total of 90 credit hours is required for a degree, through a combination of class hours and research. Students entering with an MS degree need a minimum of 18 class hours plus research. PhD students required to pass an examination for candidacy.